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All-round development of the students

“Our school is founded upon the principle that every child deserves the right to exceptional education.

Mrs. Victoria Egbunike, Founder


At GMS, we have a passion for empowering tomorrow’s leaders. With our exclusive curriculum, we show no sign of stopping. GMS is not only focused on exceeding the expectations of families seeking a child care solution, we are focused on giving each family adequate information to dream bigger and help their children to do their best in setting lofty goals and blazing new trails. 

We take the time to handpick our teachers and ensure that they share our passion and will provide a good fit for our culture because we want nothing but the best for the children in our care. The intent is that teachers can seamlessly strengthen the vital school to home connection which reinforces family engagement, increases learning and promotes achievement.

At GMS, we also help parents understand the general role they play in children’s early lives. Parents are not just disciplinarians, backup teachers or homework completers. When they have the necessary knowledge and skills, they are supportive coaches and guides as children grow in knowledge. The informal literacy learning they provide for young children by listening to them, telling them stories and cheering on their efforts to learn  shape what the children know and how they come to see the place of literacy in their own lives. It is imperative that we engage all parents in these endeavors. 


To create a well-structured, equipped and conducive environment that encourages the development of active and creative minds using a world class curriculum that helps students achieve their greatest potential while respecting the individual needs of each child in our care.


To remain a top notch educational institution that is motivated towards developing the potentials in every child in the field of Science, Arts and Technology because every child’s future is our inspiration.

Meet Our Team

A team of Outstanding, dedicated and loyal staff

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Orji Ebere


Ms Orji Ebere is the school Administrator.

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Daniel Ameachi

Mathematics Teacher

Mr Elue Daniel Ameachi, is the class teacher of Jss 2. He also teaches...

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Lawrence Blessing

Basic Science teacher

Miss Lawrence Blessing Esthema is the class teacher of grade 2,  she is also...

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Praise Amata


Miss Praise Amata is one of our Therapists

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Kouassi Bi Julis

French Teacher

Kouassi Bi Julis is the French teacher

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Jane Nguyen

Class Teacher

Ms Mirian Anuruo and she is the class teacher of grade 2

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Azza Esther

Class Teacher

Miss Azza Esther Amara is Nursery 2 class teacher



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