Thank you for your interest in Grace Meridian School, and welcome to the application and admission process. We look forward to working with you and your family. Our goal is to support your effort to find a school that fits your child and family’s needs.

In addition to languages, maths, sciences, and social studies, our children experience learning and enrichment through art, technology, skills acquisition, library, music, physical health education, the study and stewardship of GMS, health and wellness, and societal fairness.

We hope you will take time to explore our website and become familiar with all that  GMS education has to offer.

Programs and Facilities

GMS provide a safe and positive learning environment, where culture and diversity are respected and celebrated. Our school boasts of state of the art facilities that include academic blocks, laboratories, expansive classrooms, libraries, sporting facilities, indoor game hall, language laboratory, conference hall, ICT laboratory, amongst others.

In playgroup section, we admit ages 11Months – 3Years. This class is designed to prepare learners for the beginning of their educational life that will take them through the Nursery educational system and beyond. They are taught how to express themselves, acceptable behaviors, empathy for one another and courtesy.

Their subject ranges from Practical Life, Sensorial, Numeracy, Literacy and so on. Their general knowledge entails the knowledge of their environment, home, family and general observation of everything around them.
Our outdoor and indoor activities are designed to enhance play and general problem solving skill development.

In Grace Meridian School, we take cognizance of the fact that children develop differently at different stages while we acknowledge there are acceptable developmental milestones at different ages that a child should attain.
Playgroup is part of the Nursery in Grace Meridian School.
It is worthy to note that we do not compare children but we set acceptable milestones according to their capacity and capabilities.

The Nursery 1 and 2 class age ranges from  3- 6 years with class size of 10 and above. Our classes usually have 2 teachers and 2 minders to assist the students. Our focus is to help provide a child friendly environment that is safe, secured, caring, stimulating and encourages children to develop self esteem and the feeling of value as an individual.
The curriculum used here is a combination of Montessori and British where our students are encouraged to help themselves to be independent to a large extent. The student will be soaked in the knowledge that will propel them to achieve greater heights in their educational journey and in life generally.
In the Nursery session, we take our time to plan for every learners progress and work as partners with their parents to achieve the best possible because we know every parent love their child.

Our teachers support the natural analytical problem solving and critical thinking skills of every child.
The students are taught through different methods; Inquiry learning, events based approach, project approach, explicit instruction, play- based learning, direct teaching instruction and blend approach which helps to develop the child’s physical cognitive, emotional and social skills.

At the end of the session, students are able to express themselves, socialize, empathize, develop self control, cope with stress, read and write fluently to jump start the next level.


The grade students are taught through discussion, project, lecture, one on one learning and game based learning sessions.
The application of these methods are adjusted to suit the capacity of each child’s level and the students are given class work and homework to ascertain each learners ability.
Our aim is to develop a well rounded individual who not only understands the core principles of each subject but also know how to use this knowledge in real world situations.
Our curriculum places a high priority in extra curricular activities such as team sport, Arts, skill and life building which helps children to develop leadership skills that understands the intricacies of competition, emotional resilience which is the x factor in overcoming challenges.
Our students are able to develop spiritual clarity, intellectual rigor and physical prowess which is necessary to accomplish self reliance, collaboration, character and strategy. Our curriculum is a blend of Nigerian and British curriculum and it is worthy of note that in Grace Meridian School we do not dwell on the student’s weakness but rather emphasis and focus is on developing their strengths while carrying the weaknesses along. The class is an average of 14 and above with two teachers or more as the class demands.


The upper grade class comprises of students from grade 4-6 with an average class size population of 11 students and above, their age range is between 8 and 11 years. We run an effective and integrated curriculum which is a blend of Nigerian and British that forms a unique, broad and stimulating learning experience. This curriculum offers classes in Maths, English studies, Basic science, Civic education, Physical and health education, Cultural and creative art, French, Information and Communication technology and so on. In order to achieve the best results, pupils in the upper grade category enrol in rigorous common entrance preparatory classes that helps to build their grit and stamina which is important for their physical and mental capacity.
In addition to the academic rigor experience via many modalities, the higher grade pupils participate in coding, skill acquisition programs, Music classes, French clubs and other extra curricular pursuits, leading to a rich and well- rounded life in later years.
Our unique approach to learning enables our students to stand out in all parameters with our effective blend of Nigerian and British curriculum which gives the students a national and international academic satisfaction.
The experience is imparted by seasoned and experienced educators who have a broad mastery of modern class management and subject area expertise. They act as mentors and supporters to develop quality relationship that leads to friendship and partnership between the students and their families to give the best results.

Our college students age ranges from 11 years and above and our curriculum is a strategic blend of British and Nigerian curriculum with a standard class size of 15. We offer relevant subject that meets the demand of the state and National curriculum such as Mathematics, English Studies, National value education, Basic science, Technology and Languages.
We aim to produce sound students with high sense of discipline, determination and desire to change the world around them. We bring out the best in our students and our search is for pupils who see no impossibility in what they believe in, that are humble and willingly take up responsibilities; students that  are ready to pay the price for success through hardwork and determination and are tasty for academic excellence. Ultimately, we seek for students that are ready to be role models for other generations to come. We know that every student have a talent and our job is to bring out that talent and build on it as good habits breeds better results.


We offer our parents the opportunity to expose their children to the indispensable knowledge of 21st century and beyond – a knowledge that is already inevitable in our daily, personal social, business and economic activities.
Computer programming otherwise known as coding is a knowledge-based concept required by all – both Kids and Adults to become relevant in the society, in business and in the economy of any nation in this present time and beyond.


Software-Based (Kids are provided with Computers and Internet connectivity)
1. Game Development.
2. Animation/Cartoon Creation
3. Mobile App Development.
4. Web Development
5. Graphics Design
Hardware-Based (Schools/Parents are to Provide the Kits for the Students for now)
6. Robotics Programming
7. Computer Electronics.


The following are some future and present benefits of coding to Kids;
• The unstoppable Digital revolution is powered by Computer Programming/Coding. Hence, kids with the knowledge of coding are better positioned to be decision makers and solution providers in the digitally-driven economy of the future.
• Coding provides a competitive advantage when applying to colleges, internships, and jobs.
• With coding knowledge, students will understand better the world around them.
• Coding is fun and satisfying. Hence children are able to embrace learning, and understand concepts easily.
• Coding improves creativity and the use of initiatives.
• Coding activates problem solving skills and abilities in children.
• Coding builds persistency in achieving a goal.
• Coding fosters collaboration.


Do you know that taekwondo enhances self-esteem by heightening your physical and mental prowess, builds confidence by encouraging you to success and personal self control for total wellbeing. It helps to develop discipline by thoroughly training your body and mind in the tenets and techniques of Taekwondo. It also teaches self-defense by training you to recognize situations in which physical self-defense may be necessary and helps you to control such situations to your advantage. Taekwondo strengthens your mind and body through increased physical coordination and mental discipline.


Art serves as a means through which a child can express his or her true feelings. Children tend to feel good while creating things. Art helps boost self-confidence. Simple tasks such as using a pair of scissors or holding a paintbrush helps enhance fine motor skills. The ability to concentrate on something creative helps to lengthen their attention span and stimulate their productive senses. Children gain confidence when they learn a new craft as much as when they complete a particular craft/project.


Football just like any other sport teaches children life lessons that go beyond the physical benefit. Football brings about oneness as seen amongst members of a team. Everyone has a role to play towards the success of the team. Football teaches children to value one another and learn to solve problems together. Your child’s confidence is built as he/she begins to see what he/she has been able to achieve with hard work. It helps you stay healthy and active. Sports gives you a boost psychologically and socially. Being active gives an academic boost, and encourages self and collective discipline. Football teaches you to play by the rules, to be the best that you can be within the constraints of the game.

Competition is a part of life and losing is unavoidable. Sports don’t only help one to build muscles, it builds your character, resilience, discipline, persistence, collaboration strategy. Sport benefits the body and mind.


A homemaker and manager of a household can either be male or female. They are taught the art and science of homemaking, which includes the purchase, preparation and service of good food, the selection and making of clothing, care of household items and the importance of proper hygiene amongst others. This club wishes to give your children valuable lessons in cooking, baking, sewing, house cleaning and responsibility that they need now and later in life to become organized in whatever they do.


Our curriculum and learning style combines aspects of core academic traditions, it is flexible and designed to meet the individual needs (academic & emotional) of our learners.

We Create a stimulating  learning environment that focuses on student learning, development and well-being and unleashes the creative potential of our learners.

Our School is committed to develop learners to:














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